Event Sessions

Opening Ceremony and Plenary Sessions

The opening ceremony will extend invitations to the Mayor of the City of Houston, distinguished officials from the Texas Governor’s Office, the Ministry of Science and Technology, Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Houston and other influential figures involved in innovation in the U.S. to present the opening remarks. Moreover, investors that are experienced in U.S.-China Innovation and high technology will also contributed in the U.S.-China cross border cooperation and investment conferences.

US-China Innovation Investment Forum

A round-table discussion with a focus on how incubators, accelerators, and investors can work together to help Chinese investors find suitable investment opportunities and how best to help U.S.-based technology companies identify the right investors or partners in order to successfully enter the Chinese market, explore the coordination network and the working strategies, establish the foundation of future work of U.S.-China cooperation on innovation and investments.

US-China International Medical Investment and Collaboration Forum

This forum aims to establish a bridge between Chinese and U.S. medical institutions and to promote the depth of medical collaborations between the two countries. Various stakeholders including Chinese organizations and leadership from leading U.S. medical institutions who have been actively working on these opportunities will share their perspectives at this forum.

US-China Innovation and Investment – Projects Promotion

UCIS will invite companies and organizations that desire to connect with partners and investors across US and China to showcase their project, company, or organization in this special breakout session.

Medical Device Innovation and Partnering Forum

This forum will help medical device companies who are seeking Chinese market entry or additional investment sources to meet Chinese investors and explore potential opportunities. Areas of focus include in vitro diagnostics (IVD), cardiovascular, and surgical devices, medical imaging, dialysis and more. Attendees will have the opportunity to arrange pre-matched meetings with forum attendees during the two-day US China Innovation and Investment Summit.

InnoSTARS Competition Preliminary Stage

The 2019 InnoSTARS Competition Preliminary Stage will be held at the same time as the 2019 US China Innovation and Investment Summit. There will be pitch competitions as planned based on different topics. Chinese delegates will be invited to participate in B2B matchmaking. Judges from both the U.S. and China will give feedback for different innovation proposals. To learn more on the InnoSTARS Competition, click on the link below: innostars.uschinainnovation.org


The exhibition during the summit will provide an opportunity for participating organizations, individuals, and groups to showcase their work while participating in meetings and business matchmaking.

B2B Matchmaking Meetings

All participants will have a chance to engage in B2B matchmaking with InnoSTARS companies. This valuable platform allows U.S. companies to connect with Chinese investment organizations. Summit attendees can also submit their own investment or partnership requests and browse the full participant list to gain an understanding of the full range of attendee requests and offers.


2019 US China Innovation and Investment Summit & InnoSTARS Competition

Registration at 4th Floor


09:00am-09:35am     Welcome Remarks

09:25am-09:30am     Signing ceremony 

09:40am-10:10am     Keynote Speech I:TBD

10:10am-10:50am     Panel Discussion I: The opportunities and challenges for China-US innovation and investment

10:50am-11:05am     Keynote speech II:TBD

11:05am-12:05am     Panel Discussion II:TBD

Lunch Break + B2B Matchmaking at 3rd Floor

02:50pm-03:40pm    5 Pitches

03:40pm-03:50pm    Break

03:50pm-04:40pm    5 Pitches

04:40pm-04:50pm    Break

04:50pm-05:40pm    5 Pitches

2019 US China Innovation and Investment Summit & InnoSTARS Competition

Registration at 4th Floor

10:10am-11:00am   5 Pitches

11:00am-11:10am   Break

11:10am-12:00pm   5 Pitches

Lunch Break&B2B Matchmaking

02:40pm-03:30pm    5 Pitches

03:30pm-03:40pm    Break

03:40pm-04:50pm    5 Pitches

04:50pm-05:00pm    Break

05:00pm-05:50pm    5 Pitches


Bernard Harris
CEO and Managing Partner Vesalius Ventures
Andy Icken
Chief Development Officer, City of Houston
Shelia Jackson Lee
U.S. Congress Woman
Qiangmin Li
Consul General, Consulate General of People’s Republic of China in Houston
John Houghtaling
CEO, American Ethane
Ying McGuire
Johnson Lau
Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman, Athenex
Steve Papermaster
CEO, Nano Global Corporation


UCIA will help each participant prepare the invitation letter if needed. The companies that require the Visa Invitation Letter can download the application. Please send the email along with the essential information to invitation@uschinainnovation.org. Please use the subject line “Visa Invitation Letter Application”. After being processed, the invitation letter will be sent out within three business days to the UCIS participant for exhibiting successfully.

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