2018 InnoSTARS Seattle Recap

The last onsite competition of the 2018 InnoSTARS preliminaries concluded in VestLink Incubation Center (5808 Lake Washington Blvd NE 401, Kirkland, WA 98033) on July 27. In collaboration with OCS,VestLinkandMandarin Environment, the day-long event included 22 companies to pitch for the trip to China. The following six companies will move onto the InnoSTARS semi-final round taking place in China this fall while participating in an all-expense paid innovation road trip:

We want to congratulate these companies for their recognition and thank all our participants for making the 1st InnoSTARS pitch competition in Seattle a great success.

InnoSTARSSeattle judges included: John Robinson, Shan Yong, Mark Wen, Matt Vasey, Amy Du, Don Sheu, Aaron Rose, Sanjay Kumar, Virginia Liu, Emer Dooley, Anders Brown, Rosalind Lee, Jian Wu, Daniel Feng and Ryan Vogel.

What to expect next?

If you miss previous onsite preliminaries, we are offering online pitch for you!

Online pitch date: August 8;Application deadline: August 3

Industry of focus: all six industries, especially Advanced Manufacturing

For more details, please go to: