2018 InnoSTARS Boston Recap

In collaboration with OCS and Cubic Boston, InnoSTARS Boston preliminary competition was successfully completed yesterday, offering an opportunity for 19 pre-selected technology companies to present their innovations and readiness for the China market.

The competing companies presented innovations spanning a broad range of industries, including: Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare and Biotechnology, Environmental Technology, Renewable Energy and New Materials, Information and Communication Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented/Virtual Reality. Each technology company made 9-minute presentations, which were scored by judges on factors including technology, market potential, team, financials, exit opportunity and presentation. The seven companies that secured invitations to the 2018 semi-finals in China this autumn are: Vapore, LLCSoteria Battery Innovation GroupQ Hydrogen Solutions CorporationPhDSoft Technology IncAnCattRho Renewables, Inc and H2-1.com.

InnoSTARS Boston judges included: Jason Wen, Joyce Zhang, Shawn He, Daniel Harris, Tina Adolfsson, Raza Shaikh, Andy Korhonen, Boris Umylyn, Tony Tian, Tian Hua, Pei Qi, Hao He and Lili Li