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WHO: All American technology companies and Chinese investors,strategic partners, leading incubators/accelerators, and professional services firms should participate.

WHEN: May 16-17,2019 -All Day 

WHERE: The Westin Hotel, Memorial City

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Partners and Companies


WE connects West East hemispheres to accelerate innovative business. With unmatched breadth, depth, and creativity, WE focuses on business solutions that touches every aspects of your business. WE’s business leaders and young innovators quickly assess clients’ problems, formulate and localize solutions, and apply global best-in-class technologies that deliver high impact with high returns. 

American Culture Consultants

American Culture Consultants is especially adept at understanding the challenges that many of our foreign clients face in adjusting to a new culture, which is very different from their own. Our CEO, Jennifer Richmond, has lived all over Asia and has worked in International Relations for over twenty years in a variety of capacities, including promoting EB-5 investments and U.S. immigration. She received her M.A. in International Relations from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and did her doctoral studies in International Relations at the University of Texas at Austin.

Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association

Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association – Houston Texas Chapter (APAPA-HTC) APAPA is a non-profit, non-partisan, and grassroots organization founded in 2001 in CA. APAPA Houston Chapter (APAPA-HTC) serves Asian Americans in Great Houston area since 2017. Our primary mission is to empower Asian Pacific Islander (API) Americans in civic and public affairs through education, active participation, and leadership development. In pursuit of our objective, APAPA has developed voter registration events, internships, scholarships, voter education forums, and leadership, mentorship, and networking programs designed specifically for the education, betterment, and advancement of the API community.

CUBIO Innovation Center started launching new biomedical companies in Houston’s world-renowned Texas Medical Center, kicking off with an incubator competition worth $200,000 in start-up funds. In every way, CUBIO Innovation Center allows bio-technologies in America’s future biomedical “third coast” to flourish starting Day 1. The space offers both furnished co-working office areas and a dry lab space, and also work with a wet lab and animal lab for tissue cultures, centrifuges, microscopes, cold storage and animal testing.

Founded in 2005, the China General Chamber of Commerce – U.S.A. (CGCC) is a nonprofit organization representing Chinese enterprises in the United States. Our mission is to promote Chinese investment in theU.S., to support the legal rights and interests of our members, and to enhance cooperation between Chineseand U.S. business communities. The CGCC’s extensive membership includes numerous companies from bothChina and the United States, including 40 Fortune 500 companies. Headquartered in Manhattan, New York,CGCC has six regional chapters across the U.S., located in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

The Detroit Chinese Business Association (DCBA) is a Michigan based non-profit organization. Founded in 1995, DCBA primarily aims to foster a bilateral business relationship between U.S. and Chinese companies. Leveraging DCBA’s services is the most effective way of doing business between Michigan and China. DCBA has established close relationships with American and Chinese government agencies, automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, and many other manufacturing and service companies and organizations. In the past years, DCBA promoted business opportunities by providing its members and the Metro-Detroit business communities with numerous business conferences, exhibitions, networking events and consulting services.

In order to carry out the commercialized operation of ITTC, Tsinghua University initiated Coway International TechTrans Co., Ltd. in June 2002. The vision of Coway is to serve as a professional technology transfer and technology commercialization service provider. With years of experience in the technology transfer, Coway’s services and capabilities have been recognized by universities, research institutes, local authorities, and enterprises from home and abroad. Coway will continue its endeavor in technology transfer and commercialization, providing the most professional services for all the partners. 

CrestoneStar Consulting is a full-service international business consulting firm that assists companies with their China business needs such as product design, market entry, strategy, negotiation, and partnership. CrestoneStar Consulting provides advisory, research, and training services to technology companies with U.S.-China cross border business needs such as market entry, strategy, negotiation, and partnership.

Cafe 1898 was founded by two hundred Peking University alumni entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs on October 18, 2013.Cafe 1898 is the first crowed-fund domestic alumni entrepreneurship theme cafe named by “1898” to commemorate the birth of Peking University. “1898” already led the Chinese-style crowed-fund and will raise funds for all venture capital fund, platform construction and other models to build a global entrepreneurial social platform. On March 10, 2016, eight Peking University Alumni of Houston, Texas, established club 1898 Houston aiming to build a global interactive platform connecting venture capital projects among Houston, China, and other cities in the United States.


Z LAB is a platform powered by a diverse network of talents and specialists with comprehensive skills and expertise on local and global markets ready to accelerate the growth of forward-thinking businesses.

Hunan Jwinlink Network Technology Co., Ltd. ​is Baidu Hunan regional distributor, Hunan Marketing Service Center and a regional Internet integrated service integrator. The company provides Huxiang enterprises with comprehensive technical products, solutions and professional services in five fields of marketing, IT, talent, finance, and business services. It is committed to promoting the development of Hunan’s industrial Internet and promoting the transformation and upgrading of Hunan’s SMEs with regional service platforms and ecological construction.

Bichamp Cutting Technology (Hunan) Co., Ltd

Bichamp Cutting Technology rises to the challenges, thanks to our highly skilled team, modern and reliable manufacturing facilities, and many years of experience. The combination of experience and specialized technical knowledge ensures high performance bandsaw blades, which are perfectly suited to meet your specific requirements.

Hunan Fangsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a comprehensive pharmaceutical company integrating new drug R&D, production and sales. The main products are: tablets (including cephalosporins), hard capsules (including cephalosporins), granules (including cephalosporins), powders, suppositories, expectorants (topical), powder injections (cephalosporins), sprays (external use), production and sales of lotions (extraction of traditional Chinese medicine).

Sansure Biotech Inc. was founded in 2008 as a dedicated company developing and manufacturing a complete product line for molecular laboratories, ranging from upstream nucleic acid extraction kits and full automation to downstream real time PCR diagnostic & research kits and fluorescence systems. Based on innovative R&D center in Changsha, China, Sansure understands its capability and social responsibility to offer molecular diagnostic products consistent in quality, accurate and reliable in test results, easy to use and accessible to laboratories of all levels despite their variety in lab environment. Sansure is gradually winning its reputation all over the world and exerting growing influence on popularizing qPCR technologies towards what they are supposed to be as affordable and accessible human health care means.

Hunan Bohang UAV Technology is China’s first UAV system research and development, manufacturing one of the enterprises. The company’s main products include remote sensing telemetry, agricultural plant protection two categories of UAV, UAV flight control system, and smart batteries, smart chargers, smart home robots and other products. The company can also provide remote sensing aerial, agricultural plant protection and other professional services according to the specific needs of users. Company is located in Changsha National Hi-Tech Development Zone Longping high-tech park, close to Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao high-speed, from the airport and high-speed railway station only 15 kilometers, the traffic is very convenient.

Hunan Huacheng Biotech, Inc.

Hunan Huacheng Biotech, Inc. specializes in the research, development, production and sales of natural active ingredients, providing high quality natural raw materials for domestic and foreign manufacturers of botanicals, health foods, beverages, cosmetics and other enterprises.

Hunan Jiudian Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

Hunan Jiudian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a modern pharmaceutical enterprise specializing in research and development (R & D), manufacturing, marketing and technology transferring.

Hunan Zhongnan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Hunan Zhongnan Intelligent Equiment Co. focuses on industrial robotics technology, works on intelligent manufacturing products and services in the entire industry chain and provides optimal intelligent solutions for different industrial fields.

Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group manufactures and sells construction and engineering machineries worldwide. The company offers excavators, including mini, small, medium, and large excavators; rotary drilling rigs, multi-function rigs with dual power head, and hydraulic static pile drivers; and down-the-hole drills, cutting drill rigs, full hydraulic open-pit drills, hydraulic rock drills, augered pile rigs, and full hydraulic driving drills. It also provides telescopic crawler cranes and rough terrain wheel cranes; wheeled and crawler skid steer loaders; and military and aviation equipment.

Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group concentrates on the R & D, production and sales of high-power laser cutting, welding, 3D printing , automation, lasers, CNC control systems and functional components, and expecting to be the leading laser processing equipment machinery manufacturer in the market.

Harvest Pharmaceuticals is a high-tech drug research and development company specializing in high-end generic drug development and contract research. It also provides generic drug research and registration reports, generic drug conformity evaluation, phase I clinical trials, formulation and synthesis process research and optimization, chemical synthesis customization, intermediate and API product development and other professional technical services for pharmaceutical companies.

HNAC Technology focuses on automation and information technology, providing core software and hardware products as well as system solutions for users in various industries including water conservancy and hydropower, intelligent power distribution, environmental water treatment and industrial control etc.

Founded in 1992, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in developing and manufacturing major high-tech equipment in the areas of engineering industry and agricultural industry. With more than 20 years of innovation and development, the company is now a global enterprise possessing 9 major categories and 49 product lines, as well as nearly 800 leading products. Zoomlion is the first Chinese construction machinery company to be listed on both Shenzhen and Hong Kong stock exchanges. At present, the company is actively promoting strategic transformation, aiming to build a high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating engineering machinery, agricultural machinery and financial services.

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Sinocare Inc is aimed at using bio-sensing technology to develop, produce and sell high-tech enterprises that rapidly detect chronic disease products.

Bank of Changsha Co., Ltd.

Bank of Changsha is the first regional joint-stock commercial bank and the largest corporate financial enterprise in Hunan Province, China.

Changsha Intelligent Driving Institute (CiDi)

Guided by intelligent driving technology innovation and application, Changsha Intelligent Driving Institute is aimed at developing intelligent driving core technology and innovative products for intercity logistics heavy trucks.

Changsha Kaitian Environmental Technology is an environmental services provider that specializes in environmental planning, R&D, manufacturing and engineering installation of environmental products. The company aims to solve environmental problems in cities, towns, river basins and parks, and conducts environmental protection businesses based on the idea of industry-based, technology-supported, environmental services as the leader, system as the guarantee, and capital-driven. Some of the main environmental protection services are: environmental treatment in industrial plants, atmospheric environment flue gas desulfurization, denitrification and dedusting treatment (fine particulate matter PM2.5 treatment), heavy metal wastewater waste gas residue treatment, soil remediation, water pollution control, agricultural ring treatment, environmental services, solid waste disposal, etc.

SPON Communication Technology, well known as a national high-tech enterprise, is one of the most powerful IP Intercom System and IP PA system manufacturers in China. SPON has been committing for decades to the IP network audio technology which has found its wide application in multiple-cross fields (e.g., Finance, Transport, Education, Safe city etc.) and has ranked the first in multiple industries.

ACME is a high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacture of industry heating equipment for new material and energy. Based on technology innovation and professional service, ACME provides high-end industrial heating equipment for customers in various fields, such as C&SiC composites industrial heating equipment, vacuum heat treatment equipment, powder metallurgy industrial heating equipment, cemented carbides equipment, Fe&Cu based PM equipment, 3D printing powders, with over ¥300 million annual turnover.

Hunan Lianzhi Bridge and Tunnel Technology is a high-tech enterprise focusing on structural safety, infrastructure quality inspection and safety monitoring. It has rich experiences in testing and safety monitoring of infrastructure such as roads, railways, waterways, bridges and tunnels, public buildings, national land disasters and environmental protection.

Hunan Guangxiu High Tech Life Technology is the operation management carrier and the talent integration training base for National Stem Cell National Engineering Technology Research Center, engaging in human stem cell research and industrialization operation. The company has unique specialities and strong competitiveness in the aspect of induced differentiation of human embryonic stem cells, islet stem cell transplantation and development of new scaffold materials for tissue engineering.